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Story Mode was made for a presentation and is super janky and weird and probably doesn't make any sense, creative mode is less weird but still very janky...

Made by Oliver, Maja and Lasse as part of our program at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.

Small prototype / proof of concept of a wood construction system. This is meant to be a smaller part of a larger fictional survival-esque title.

Spawn Pillars, 2x4s and Planks using 1, 2 and 3 respectively.

Start off by hammering down some pillars with the RMB.

Connect these with 2x4s, you can place wooden objects on other wooden objects if both halves are touching other objects, this is indicated by the torus turning green.
When it is green press LMB to place it.

This torus also indicates the axis of rotation. 

Pick Up objects using E.

When holding an object you can pull it towards you or away from you using the scrollwheel.

You rotate using R (+Shift for precision) and change the axis using T. 

You can also shorten the length of the object using Q  (+Shift for precision).
Use Shift + NUM 1-9 to specify length 10%-90%


Lumberjack_Data.zip 129 MB


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Tired your game had a blast some weird bugs but other than that it was fun! what are your plans for this game!